Happy Half Term!

Year 2 ended a fabulous half term learning all things Africa by performing their African dance to Year 1 children. Some of the dance was taught to them, and after watching traditional African dancing videos, some parts were choreographed by the children.

This half term the children were learning how to understand and use a tally, and then how to create and interpret pictograms and block diagrams. Here we are collecting data in the form of a tally chart…

Here are some of the block diagrams created after counting how many of the Big Five were spotted on an African safari…


Enjoying the snow…


Thank you to the Year 2 PPA team and parent helpers for helping the children create such beautiful African appliques. I am so impressed with their sewing and the final pieces are looking fabulous on display in the Year 2 foyer!


More recently the children have been learning to recognise, name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shape. See how many shapes you can spot over the half term…


Well done for all your hard work this half term. I look forward to seeing you after the holiday! Enjoy!








Busy, Busy Bethlehem!

This half term Year 2 have been working hard to learn the words and actions to songs for the KS1 Christmas production. The children were fantastic during all their performances and I am very proud!


Making our fabulous hats for the productions…


Don’t forget to keep doing these random acts of kindness!


The Daily Pig and Map Adventures…

In English over the next couple of weeks, Year 2 are writing an article for The Daily Pig newspaper, reporting on the true story of the Three Little Pigs. We started by jotting down notes in our reporters notebooks about what was the crime, who committed the crime, why did they commit the crime and where the crime was. This information will help form the newspaper article.

The children worked hard identifying features of a newspaper and got inspiration for their own newspapers.


Continuing our Geography learning, this week Year 2 used their aerial view photographs to sketch their own map from a birds eye view, including a key.


On Thursday Year 2 enjoyed a Fairy Tale map adventures evening which was full of clue hunting, following North, South, East, West directions, torches, story retelling, cookies, hot chocolate and stories!










How do birds see our school?

This week in Geography, Year 2 compared aerial view maps to a street level view. We started the lesson by watching a drone video of the school grounds (thank you Mrs Fahey!). It was fantastic to see the school from a different angle.
Then, despite the rain, the children matched landmarks around the school grounds onto an aerial view map. Back in the classroom, the children were able to label these landmarks onto a less soggy map!