Bug-ingham Palace

Today in Science 2AS created a magnificent bug hotel, following learning about microhabitats and what minibeasts need to survive. The children wrote what they wanted the hotel to be made out of to make sure it could become a home to lots of different minibeasts. They then collected many of these things from the school field and each had a turn at adding something to the hotel. We will keep checking it as the term goes on, I think it will make lots of little creatures very happy!





Iceberg, dead ahead!

Before we left for our day at the Sea City Museum, we wrote what we already know about the Titanic, and what we would like to find out. When we got back to school, we were able to answer the questions we had in the morning!


The trip began with a fabulous guided tour around the museum. After lunch we were able to go round again in our small groups to look at things in more detail.


After our guided tour, we had a workshop that started with 4 children dressing up as people that were travelling on the Titanic! We heard their stories and learnt lots about the different classes passengers travelling in, and different jobs the crew did. Then we took part in 4 activities. These were guessing artefacts from the Titanic, problem solving who should get a space on a lifeboat,  matching smells to different rooms on the Titanic and filling an ice cube tray with water one section at a time until it sunk to represent what happened on the Titanic.


What a great day! 🙂





New Forest Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 1st May Year 2 went on a fabulous trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park! In the morning we had a guided tour of the park and learnt so many interesting facts about the animals. Then we enjoyed lunch outside and some time in the play park, then our tour guides brought out two of their hedgehogs, Sonic and Bryan. We got to see them up close and hear lots of facts about them, which was fantastic as our class book is The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. After that we had some time to go back to see our favourite animals again. On Thursday the children wrote brilliant recounts of their day, some will be posted on here shortly… For now, enjoy the photos!

How healthy is your Flanimal?

What is your Flanimal eating this week?

Following Science lessons learning the food groups and why it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet, 2AS created a weekly meal plan for their Flanimal.

Don’t forget your home learning this week is to record what you have eaten this weekend! You may present it however you like. I look forward to seeing them!



Thank you to everyone for supporting Red Nose Day!
You all looked fabulous with your red noses.



Happy Half Term!

Year 2 ended a fabulous half term learning all things Africa by performing their African dance to Year 1 children. Some of the dance was taught to them, and after watching traditional African dancing videos, some parts were choreographed by the children.

This half term the children were learning how to understand and use a tally, and then how to create and interpret pictograms and block diagrams. Here we are collecting data in the form of a tally chart…

Here are some of the block diagrams created after counting how many of the Big Five were spotted on an African safari…


Enjoying the snow…


Thank you to the Year 2 PPA team and parent helpers for helping the children create such beautiful African appliques. I am so impressed with their sewing and the final pieces are looking fabulous on display in the Year 2 foyer!


More recently the children have been learning to recognise, name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shape. See how many shapes you can spot over the half term…


Well done for all your hard work this half term. I look forward to seeing you after the holiday! Enjoy!